Industrial Projects

Curington Contracting has been serving its customers throughout Florida since 1972. In 2007, Curington expanded its reach to other areas of the continental United States. Curington is fully engaged in the Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) & Landfill Gas to Renewable Gas (RNG) Industry. We are very excited to be involved in this growing industry, which utilizes the methane gas generated by our landfills and turns it into electricity, or natural gas, which is generally sold to local power companies. 

Curington has completed LFGTE projects ranging from an 850 kilowatt containerized unit, all the way up to an 8.0 megawatt facility. But our LFG experience does not end there. We have also constructed flare stations and a Calnetix Heat Exchanger. 

Recent Projects:

  • Waste Connections / ESI Solutions: Loess Hills RNG Facility: located at Loess Hills Landfill in Malvern, IA. Construction began in 2023 on this renewable gas facility. 
  • Foothills Renewables / ESI Solutions: located in Rougemont, NC. Curington provided and erected a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for this new RNG Facility. Completed in 2022.
  • Foothills Renewables / ESI Solutions: located in Lenior, NC. Curington provided and erected a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for this new RNG Facility. Completed in 2022.
  • Florida Power & Light / East Solar Operations Center: located in Fort Pierce, FL. This project is a operations center for FP&L’s solar panels. This facility has 11 offices, 2 conference rooms, and an elevator to the observation deck for an overview of the solar panels. 
  • Seabreeze Energy Producers / DTE Biomass Energy: located in Angleton, Texas. This project is a 5.76 MMCFD landfill gas to renewable natural gas (RNG) processing facility. This facility will clean up landfill gas to a point where it can be placed into the Natural Gas Pipeline. Completed in early 2018.
  • Uwharrie Mountain Renewable Energy / DTE Biomass Energy: located in Mt. Gilead, NC. Completed in 2016, This facility is a Siloxane Treatment System designed by Willexa Energy. 
  • Riverview Energy Producers / DTE Biomass Energy: located in Riverview, MI. Curington installed an MV Technologies Sulfur Treatment System in 2016.
  • Potrero Hills Energy Producers / DTE Biomass Energy: located in Suisun City, CA. This five engine facility utilizes 3520 Caterpiller engines, generating approximately 8.0 megawatts of power. This facility includes a Siloxane Removal System by Venture Engineering and a Sulfur Removal System by MV Technologies.
  • Lopez Canyon LFGTE Facility / Fortistar Methane Group: located in Los Angeles County, CA. Curington completed site, concrete, and electrical work to relocate switchgear for a new substation.
  • Prince William County Landfill / Fortistar Methane Group: located in Prince William, VA. This LFGTE facility has three 3520 Caterpiller engines.


With our expert team, your project will flow smoothly from start to finish

Curington Contracting LLC is ready to manage your project’s initial planning to its completion.  Curington does not just have experience in the construction phase of LFGTE projects. Utilizing our in-house CADD design team, we have designed projects from the firtst preliminary plans to the final sealed construction drawings. Our team also has experience managing the day to day operations of completed LFGTE power plans. The knowledge of what it takes to operate and maintain a power plant has given us unique insight into the design and construction phases. 

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What our clients have to say about our facilities

Curington was selected by us based on their deep experience in the industry, solid industry reputation, and willingness to work hand in hand with us as owners during the development of our projects. They are a team that I would certainly recommend.

Mark Cousino, President / DTE Biomass Energy

Curington employees are true professionals, delivering quality craftsmanship during the entire construction and commissioning process. Earning trust is an essential part of a successful project, and Curington preformed admirably in this area.

Charles Howton, Generation Performance Manager / Gulf Power

Curington was accommodating, competitively priced, fair, and delivered a well-constructed facility in a timely matter. Curington was meticulous in the project review and pro-active in identifying the challenges early and came to solutions. I willhave no hesitation including Curington in future projects.

Charles Orcutt, Market Area Engineer / Waste Management